3 Ways to Make a Big Impact in a Small Space

3 Ways to Make a Big Impact in a Small Space

Small spaces get a bad rap.

Sure, they can be a bit tricky, but they can also be crazy, cozy showstoppers when decorated with intention. So, we asked interior designer
Federica Molini of Arte Boheme to share with us her top three tips for taking over a tiny space. Check them out!


More often than not, when we encounter small spaces in our home, we tend to feel defeated when creativity wants to crash those tiny little
sneaky rooms for a little makeover. Furnishing the space properly AND adding decor might seem like a battle that will forever remain between
yourself those nettlesome walls. For those struggling with small spaces, don’t panic! Here are a few tips for you to enjoy and finally be able to
conquer that corner of your home, rather than raising that white flag.

Size doesn't matter

Don’t let a small space intimidate you when going big with the decor.  Adding large statement pieces in a tiny area of your home
(with proper balance) will definitely help give the room you’re currently working on character and importance.

Color Statement + Harmony

Whichever hues you’re rooting for when decorating a small space—warm, cool or even neutral—always keep in mind that you need to maintain
color balance. Pick a handful and spread them throughout the space’s decor and furniture, creating a funky but harmonious combination.


Let your style tell a story

Once you’ve created a funky but harmonious color combination in your space, it is always a good idea for the decor to transmit a feeling or
better yet tell a story. In this case, there’s a love story being told through the two statement pieces which are the male and the female artwork.
This love is being represented and spread through the entire room in other decor objects such as the pillows and the flower artwork. The colors
of the flowers represent the different type of feeling amongst the two characters. Love, beginnings, and or rejection.
Now, what will your future spaces be about?!