The Nuts and Bolts of Hanging Prints

The Nuts and Bolts of Hanging Prints

Have you noticed there has been a minimalist trend recently? Minimal design is defined as simple or primary forms or structures. Simple designs and patterns are becoming more and more popular. This might be because in our society we are always bombarded on a daily basis with information and overstimulation. There is a lot to take in. And less can defiantly be more. Simple designs have recently been integrated into fashion, art, product design, and even website layouts. Trending in our everyday lives.

Often art is the most important part of designing a room and with ready to hang prints from Fine Art America the steps to hanging art can be simple if you know where to start. Most likely you have winged it a couple times before. But spontaneous hanging can lead to sloppy and an unprofessional look. So the next time you purchase that Picasso Print follow these basic steps:

THE NUMBER 57: Measure so that the middle of the artwork is 57 inches (always mark with a pencil) The hook will be higher, but this is the center of the actual piece.This is the average human eye height and the most common standard height of hanging artwork at any gallery or museum. For more information go to this link:…

HOOKS: Use picture hang hooks or whatever is provided to hang up the artwork. Even if the piece seems too heavy for the work, it should be just fine. According to an article from Elle Decor, “The picture hooks go into the wall on an angle, like a cat’s claw – it’s a whole different set of physics.”(…) If D-rings are required, hang from the picture hooks and this will keep the artwork stationary and stable.

ALWAYS LEVEL: Use a level to ensure the artwork is straight and not tilted. If you do not have one on hand, there is a really great free app for iphones and android phones.…

ARRANGEMENT: Want to have that same salon wall display that you saw in a design magazine? Take a look at the diagram below for some great inspiration for a new look on those empty walls:… When hanging multiple works of art treat them as one large print. Again, Using the 57 inch marker as the center. You can brainstorm ideas by arranging the artwork different ways on your floor or replace the frames with butcher paper so it is easier to move around. Choose the right size according to your wall size, smaller pieces will look better on a more narrow smaller wall and larger pieces will look much better on a larger wall, next to your sofa or dining table. Spacing is also an important factor, Two inches is usually the best between the pieces, so that they are not too close or too far from each other.
Just remember, It is important to find what you like and what pieces make the room really yours. Find artwork that inspires you or makes the room “Pop”. If you don’t like how the art is finally hung, go ahead and change it around. And don’t forget that mistakes can be covered up with spackle in about 5 minutes. These are simple steps, for hanging art and creating that perfectly sophisticated room.